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ATLANTIC AVE FIRE- 18 years ago today

ATLANTIC AVE FIRE- 18 years ago today
June 5th, 1998

Earlier this week some of our family and foundation board members had the privilege of working alongside the firefighters of L.175 and E.332 in sprucing up and planting at the memorial that is on the site of the Atlantic Ave. fire.

In 1998, the morning after this tragic fire and collapse, the city tore the building down and the lot was cleared. Some compassionate neighbors immediately placed a simple wooden cross and candles in respect for the lost and injured firemen. Years later, thanks to the Bradford Street firehouse, a more elaborate memorial was erected. It remains to this day a peaceful spot in the midst of a busy area.

So many lives were touched and changed forever by the events of that summer night, not only the families, but that of the first responders who were on duty.

We will never forget.

Our prayers and gratitude to the Blackmore and LaPiedra families today and always.
RIP Jimmy RIP Scott

Special thanks to L175 and E332, and Capt. John Saville for all of your help and friendship.

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