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Timothy Stackpole and Louie Valentino Van Dedication

Thursday December 17th, 2015
This morning we had the great honor of blessing and dedicating a vehicle to the FIRE FAMILY TRANSPORT FOUNDATION in memory of Timmy and Louie Valentino. Timmy and Louie were friends for many years and worked together both in Ladder 147 and later in Rescue 2. Louie was tragically killed on Feb 5, 1996 and of course, Timmy years later on Sept. 11, 2001. Both men would be thrilled to know that this vehicle will help transport injured or ill firefighters and their family members when needed. Sadly, there are many ill members since 9/11.
The brand new Chevy Tahoe was dedicated and blessed this morning at Ladder 147/Engine 281 quarters. The firehouse was filled with members of the company along with members of Rescue 2 and other neighboring companies, and members of the Valentino and Stackpole families. Lots of old friends and good memories and a whole lotta love!

A special thank you to all who made this possible including:
Ladder 147/Engine 281
Rescue 2
Rob Weidmann (R2)
The Valentino Football Tournament
The Stackpole Foundation
Danny Prince and the Fire Family Transport
Patrick Nash (our President) for all of his hard work
The Stackpole and Valentino Families

FINALLY, To all of you who support our foundation everyday~ this would not have been possible without your help and inspiration. We love sharing Timmy with you and his spirit inspires all of us to do little things with great love. You are all a part of this and this vehicle will make a difference in the lives of our firefighters!
May all those who ride it in find comfort and healing!

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